Motorized Vertical Carousels Saves Floor Space With Vertical Storage Of Goods For Faster Order Picking


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Store Vertically – Saves Floor Space Multi-Loop Carousels Enables 3x Storage
Motorized Vertical Carousels For Safe Secure Vertical Storage Of Goods At Point-Of-Use, Point-Of Sales. Saves Floor Space, Reduces Walking-Searching For Faster Order Picking Multiple loop industrial carousels store 2-3x goods than single-loop carousels for best use of space-power


Vertical Carousels have carriers rotating forward-reverse on chains that bring goods placed on them close to operator for order picking-storing. Economical vertical storage solution for retailers-wholesalers, warehouses, distribution centers, factories, industrial bulk consumers. Small footprint. High storage capacity. Organized storage. Increased efficiency. Improves floor safety. Ergonomic storage, less labor to store-pick goods
While multi-loop motorized carousels store 3.5–4 times as much as static racks, single-loop carousels only store twice. Multi-Loop Vertical Carousels Can Accept Different Types Of Load Carriers, Unlike Single Loop Carousels.
We also offer other smart vertical storage solutions Vertical Lift Machines
Motorized pharmacy carousels, motorized hospital carousels stores-retrieves medicines, consumables, medical supplies, hospital supplies, surgical items. Motorized shelving carousel for vertical storage of small parts, small mechanical, electrical, electronic parts-spares. Motorized wire carousel is designed to store, retrieve, and dispense various ranges of wire, cable, rope, chain, and other spooled products. Optional integrated cut/measure/rewind system allows control of the spool/wire. Useful for Factories, Manufacturers, Traders, Distributors, Retailers, and Wholesalers of Electrical and Telecom Cables and Wires. Tires Carousels Store Tires Vertically. For Stockists-Retailers-Wholesalers-Service Stations. Saves Retail-Storeroom Space. Organized clearly visible inventory.
Spools Carousel, Coils Carousel For Telecom-Electrical Cables Drums, Steel-Paper-Textiles-Plastics Coils Up to 4000 Kg for Manufacturers, Stockists, Retailers, Wholesalers, Bulk Users Rolls Carousels For Vertical Storage, In-Store Display Of Rolled Items-Fabrics, PVC-Bopp Films, Carpets For Stockists, Distributors, Retailers, Wholesalers.
Long goods carousels for vertical storage for use in fabrication shops for long profiles, aluminium extrusions, metal bars, metal sections


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